2014 & Before

Mr. Miller, USA

In the nine years I have lived in Kaohsiung, I have had a variety of medical needs that required the help of the people at the Kaohsiung Medical Hospital. In 2003, I underwent a serious skin cancer surgery performed by Dr. Te. The surgery required enough stitches that I looked like a monster. But because of his expertise, you can barely notice the scar today. In addition to the surgery, they did extensive testing to make sure I did not have skin cancer in other areas. 

Two years ago, I saw an eye doctor at the hospital and received and excellent exam and thankfully good report that things were fine. It was during that time that we met Ophelia, the hospital’s liaison with foreign patients. She set up appointments, made follow-up calls, and even escorted us to the right clinics to see the right doctor. She has become a good friend and someone we can lean on and refer others to when they have health needs.

Finally, I have been seeing a family doctor at the hospital for high blood pressure and she has been great. She remembers things about my family and treats me in a personal way.

Overall, I would recommend anyone to go to the Kaohsiung Medical Hospital. They are caring, talented, professional, and very fast in their service to their patience.

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