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Cancer Center
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Cardiovascular Center

Cardiovascular Center of KMUH has an average of 1400 cardiac catheterization procedures per year. Providing high-quality critical care is one of our important missions. Therefore, for patients with acute myocardial infarction, we offer 24-hour emergency angioplasty services. More about our Cardiovascular Center and its Featured Items

Health Examination Center

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NeuroMedical Center

Established in August 2001, the mission of our NeuroMedical Center is to foster and deliver excellence in diagnosis,......(more)

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, with a strong belief to pursue the most advanced medical technology and a dedication to providing patients with safe and reliable medical care, offers a full spectrum of women’s health services. Check out more information about Reproductive Medicine.  


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In order to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care, the department of orthopedics is divided into three sections, acult pediatric & spinal orthopedics. Our surgical team is capable to perform many international standard operations involving all orthopedic fields, such as instrumental correction of spinal deformities, total microsurgery including digital and major limb replacement, ligament reconstruction and arthroplasty, bone lengthening and all kinds of fractures management. 
Check out Featured Items of our orthopedic surgery.  

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Consisting of 6 sub-specialties, our Department of Plastic Surgery includes general plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery center, hand and microsurgery, burn center, aesthetic center and hyperbaric oxgen therapy center. In average, over 3500 cases are performed in each year and the department has been certified by Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) for several times. Check out Featured Items and more about Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery.  

Breast Reconstruction


     Breast cancer is the most common cancer of female population in Taiwan. The incidence of breast cancer increased markedly in recent decades and changed from 14 per hundred thousand populations in 1991 to 70.7 in 2014. This indicated more than eleven thousand new breast cancer patients in 2014. Under well medical care, the five-year survival rate of breast cancer can be as high as 90%.

     Although there are several methods for management of breast cancer, mastectomy still is one of the choice in many patients. Ablation of breast cancer always resulted in deformities of the breast and / or chest wall. The breast is one of the most characteristic symbol of women, it is necessary to reconstruct one otherwise there are physical and psychological problems.

     We performed autologous tissue breast reconstruction with pedicled transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap. The reconstruction was performed immediately after radical mastectomy. Two operations can be finished within 7 – 8 hours.

Services and Advantages:

1. The breast reconstruction team of our hospital, under the leadership of Professor Lin Sin-Daw, integrates hospital inter-disciplinary resources to provide      the patients with improved and refined transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap surgery, completeness and continuity of medical care, development of        care process and related health education, providing patients with breast reconstruction of high quality services.

2. The team completed the reconstruction of the number of 1266 cases is the first and leading Asian medical centers.

3. Reconstructive breast success rate was 100%, and there is no case of complete necrosis of the flap cases.

4. Patient satisfaction rate was as high as 98.1%.

5. 5-year survival rate was higher than those without reconstruction (93.4% vs83.8%).

6. The team won the "National Biotech Medical Quality Award - Featured Medical Team Silver Award" by the National Biotech Medical Industry Promotion      Association in 2014 and has accumulated more than 1,266 cases to date.


  • Indication: Breast cancer patients underwent mastectomy.
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