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Cancer Center
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Cardiovascular Center

Cardiovascular Center of KMUH has an average of 1400 cardiac catheterization procedures per year. Providing high-quality critical care is one of our important missions. Therefore, for patients with acute myocardial infarction, we offer 24-hour emergency angioplasty services. More about our Cardiovascular Center and its Featured Items

Health Examination Center

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NeuroMedical Center

Established in August 2001, the mission of our NeuroMedical Center is to foster and deliver excellence in diagnosis,......(more)

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, with a strong belief to pursue the most advanced medical technology and a dedication to providing patients with safe and reliable medical care, offers a full spectrum of women’s health services. Check out more information about Reproductive Medicine.  


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In order to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care, the department of orthopedics is divided into three sections, acult pediatric & spinal orthopedics. Our surgical team is capable to perform many international standard operations involving all orthopedic fields, such as instrumental correction of spinal deformities, total microsurgery including digital and major limb replacement, ligament reconstruction and arthroplasty, bone lengthening and all kinds of fractures management. 
Check out Featured Items of our orthopedic surgery.  

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Consisting of 6 sub-specialties, our Department of Plastic Surgery includes general plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery center, hand and microsurgery, burn center, aesthetic center and hyperbaric oxgen therapy center. In average, over 3500 cases are performed in each year and the department has been certified by Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) for several times. Check out Featured Items and more about Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery.  

AIDS prevention and care

    Our team co-operates industry, official and academic source and devotes in HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The infectious disease ward in Kaohsiung Medical University hospital started the service of HIV anonymous test from 1997. This was the first medical unit to provide such service in south Taiwan. The red ribbon association was established in 1998 to provide patients the daily life notes, the pressure adjustment and the medical consultation. In 2007, our team participated the HIV/AIDS care program supported by CDC (centers for disease control and prevention), Taiwan and became the Department of Health assigned hospital for HIV/AIDS care. In 2008, in view of resource deficiency in female HIV patients, our team established HIV infected female group to accompany and assist this kind of patients and carry on disease adjustment.

     In order to eliminate the discrimination against HIV/AIDS among the public, the team members, in addition to providing medical care in the hospital, actively participate in the HIV/AIDS education for publicity of the community, campus and prison. Our team also steps out of the hospital to perform the HIV anonymous test for high-risk groups, in order to achieve the goal of reducing the incidence of HIV/AIDS.


  • Our co-organized the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment education training with the Kaohsiung City Health Bureau to encourage long-term care institutions to treat AIDS disabled.
  • Due to the gradual decline of the age of infected people and the popularity of smart phones, the innovative way of health education - using iBOOK with mobile phones and iPAD to educate students about the disease.
  • Through the QR code to make anonymous test appointments, the anonymous test people increased from 2438 up to 6,200 person-times in 2017 and our site became the biggest site for HIV anonymous test in Kaohsiung-Pingtung region.
  • Our team also provides non-occupational post exposure (nPEP) HIV prevention therapy. The number of consultation services has increased from 350 in 2015 to 467 in 2016, and the rate of HIV-positive conversion is 0.
  • By the end of 2017, there were 32 high school, about 13,000 people anticipating the education program.
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